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Visitor Information for Kauai, Hawaii

Getting there and getting around

Lihue Airport on the southest part of the island is served by several major carriers. On Kauai you will definitely want a rental car and most major car rental firms have locations on the airport property.

Where to stay

Most people choose to stay in the Southeast side of the island in the Lihue area or near Poipu point. There are many hotels on the east side of Kauai along highway 56, and even more in the Poipu point area. When looking for a place to stay, you might consider staying in a timeshare resort. These resorts often provide more space and amenities than some of the hotels, and it is usually possible to rent a room just as you would in a hotel. For example, consider staying at the Embassy Vacation Resort in Poipu point and you can get a two bedroom suite complete with a kitchen, for about what you might pay for a hotel.

You might also consider staying on the north Coast of Kauai. The nicest hotel on the island is the Princeville resort, and the views from the resort itself are spectacular. If most of your activities are on the south side of the island, it can be a bit of a drive, especially at rush hour (yes, Kauai has a rush hour that rivals big cities), but it is well worth it.


Kauai is a small island, and it gets significant rain, but despite its small size, the amount of rain that falls varies significantly from one part of the Island to another. At the center of Kauai is Mt. Waialeale, which is the wettest spot in the world. The north side of Kauai is the wettest, and received sometimes 45 inches of rain per year. The east side is somewhat less rainy gettig approximately 30 inches of rain per year. The South and West are direst getting between 5 and 20 inches of rain.

Temperature on Kauai will typically fall in the 60's and 70's, and into the 80's during the summer (Fahrenheit). The humidity is moderate.

Things to Do

There are many things to do in Kaui besides the hiking. To get a feel for the geography of the island you might consider taking a helicopter tour. These are offered by many operators, mostly operating out of the Lihu'e airport. Beach activities, snorkeling, and boating are also very popular activities, and you can pick up a guide to many of these offerings when you arrive at the Lihu'e airport. Some of the best sceneray from the air, or by boat is of Kauai's Na Pali Coast (the North West part of the Island). Kauai's roads do not run along this part of the island, so the only way to see this part of Kauai is by air, sea, or through a significant 11 miles hike on the Kalalau trail.

Horseback riding is is another popular activity, and some outfitters offer guided tours to waterfalls and other scenic locations. Among the outfitters operating in Kauai are Silver Falls Ranch (828-6718) and Princeville Ranch Stables (826-6777), both near Princeville and Keapana Horsemanship (823-9303), near Wailua Falls.