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Kalalau Trail on North Shore of Kauai

    This page describes a hike that has been taken by others. The details on this page are not intended as a recommendation for you to take this hike. Hiking has inherent risks and you must consider these risks and your ability before deciding on a hike. The trail information on this page is approximate and conditions, hazards, and even the location of trails will change over time. Do not rely on the details on this page for the safety of your hike. All information should be verified through other sources.

One of the best known trails on Kauai, and one of the most strenuous, is the Kalalau trail. The trail is 11 miles (22 miles round trip) over very difficult and dangerous terrain. Camping requires a permit, and those hiking the entire trail usually take six days (including 5 nights camping). For those not wanting to hike the entire trail, you can hike four miles to the Hanakapiai Falls and return in a single day. Even the short version of this hike to the falls is strenuous and it is only for experienced hikers and caution is advised. Two miles from the Hanakapiai falls along the Kalalau trail falls is another waterfall, Hanakoa Falls.

Driving directions:

Drive counterclockwise on highway 56 (and 560) to the end of the road at Kee Beach. The trail begins by a woodden shelter on the south side of the parking area.

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